New Integration Populates Excel Models and Keeps Deliverables Current as Underwriting Evolves

DealStat released a new beta feature today that allows real estate investors to integrate their Excel financial model directly with our platform. DealStat can now populate users’ own financial models directly from PDF offering memos, and seamlessly connect the latest return metrics and assumptions from Excel into pipeline reports, presentations, and other deliverables. This functionality came out of requests from beta users who wanted to combine the power of DealStat with their own financial models.

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How It Works

When property investors forward or upload asset marketing materials (a PDF, email or listing link) to DealStat, key information from the source (asking price, NOI and SF) will now flow directly from DealStat’s A.I.-powered Source Document Reader into the appropriate cells in the their model. DealStat will also insert useful tables from source PDF documents directly into the Excel workbook, including rent roll and expense summaries. Users can model the deal as they normally would, building on the initial output to add insights and various scenarios, while maintaining custom formats and metrics.

With DealStat’s Excel add-in, any revisions to the model can be sent directly back to DealStat with a simple keyboard shortcut. From here, pipeline reports, investment memos, and any other documents that users manage with DealStat are seamlessly kept up to date with all of the latest return metrics and assumptions.

DealStat continues to improve ways that acquisitions teams can manage and utilize their deal specific information, resulting in more access to insights, more productive and high-impact teams, and ultimately more closed deals.

How to Try It

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